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The married woman looks for the lover

28 ноября 2014, в 00:43

The woman's dissatisfaction with family life, often pushes it on searches of the love relations on the party. There is no wonder — the woman wants love, heat and caress. And if she is deprived of it, she having despaired, will bring to itself the lover. Perhaps, even will advertize in the newspaper or as now it is accepted in acquaintances online: the married woman looks for the lover. However it is worth treating its searches extremely captiously and carefully. Otherwise everything can end at best sadly. The man chosen by you shouldn't solve what exactly he has to occupy the most important town in your heart. Otherwise there will be a threat to your marriage. That you too hardly wish, a pokrayny measure at the initial stage.


In SUCH situation it is necessary only to share some general recommendations.

• It is necessary to choose externally attractive man for your taste. After all it is more pleasant to see in a bed of the partner who causes in you only positive emotions.

• You shouldn't demand from the lover too much. Everything that you want to receive from it — it is good passion. And how many he receives, and what plans makes, all this put the tenth.

• Don't start with it informal conversations. Eventually, you looked for the love relations, but not a vest. It is possible to have a good cry and on a breast of the girlfriend. Informal conversations can lead to bigger rapprochement that is undesirable. In addition there is a danger that the person will be unscrpulous, and sometime uses your frankness to you to the detriment.

• Acquire one simple truth – you are obliged by nothing each other after acquaintance on the popular site online of acquaintances. Your relations are free and are under construction only on passion. You owe nothing to this person. However, as well as it to you.

• In advance discuss with the potential lover of a condition of your meetings. How there will be your meetings that during these meetings is permitted and that is strictly forbidden. It will help to get rid of threat of emergence of problems.

• Surely find out, whether the candidate for lovers is sick with venereal diseases. Ask to show the certificate of a state of health. Don't hesitate. If the person is responsible, he will understand you and the reference will provide. Don't forget to use a contraceptive to avoid undesirable consequences.

• You shouldn't bring the lover from among acquaintances. Surely there will be someone, by chance met you together and unintentionally let out to your husband.

• Continue the relations until you feel from them pleasure or don't develop into something bigger. You are obliged to it by nothing. If your lover started showing jealousy, leave him.




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